Athens Cave Sessions

by Crimson Scarlet

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released July 16, 2014




Crimson Scarlet Oakland, California

Crimson Scarlet is a 5 piece band located in the bay area. We draw our influences from early UK post-punk and anarcho. Crimson Scarlet are: Bazzy, Niff, Chelsey, Chuck, Anxious Boy, and General Dearly Departed

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Track Name: June
Days like this bring sky to its knees
And falling clouds are surrounding our feet
It makes it hard to breathe
Wading through the damp and gray
Hope's starting to fade
Ill never make it to you in time this way

June to June sees our realm's decay
And stolen blood marks the start of the game
It drains from our face
Hell sent hounds rip into our limbs
And take our strength with them
There's so little life left inside this skin

Days like this make stars grow dim
And I begin to fade along with them
Knowing that you're trapped under the hard-packed
And as hard as I try pounding fists on earth can't get you
Finding air is a fruitless fight
And now I can't tell hell from night
Track Name: Arrows
Hit by arrows, Falling down
There's no more running, No one's around
No Fight, no flight, no nothing
Careening to the ground
Hit by arrows and falling down
There's no more running
No fight, no flight, no nothing

In the tall grass, there's no one around
We fall alone, we are alone

Grounded, flightless, a sinking sound
If I'm going to die here then kill me now
No fight, no flight, no nothing
No hope to be found
Grounded, flightless, a sinking sound
If I'm going to die here then kill me now
No fight, no flight, no nothing

They're shooting faster everyday
But we are strong so it's okay
We are braves, we are brave, we are brave souls
Track Name: Dead Parade
The things we carry
Souls left unburied
Nothing to guide us
Escape the fire
The city's burning
We're marching towards nothing

Why do we flee?
We can't escape the screams
We died with them
Flesh is burning
Smoked out of the promise land
Why do we run?
Flesh is burning
There is nothing